Cytosections for Antibody Screening and Immunohistochemistry Protocol Development

AMSBIO has launched a comprehensive range of cytosections that offer a verified, reproducible and renewable source of positive / negative controls where the expression of the target biomarker is confirmed for accuracy and specificity by an immunoassay.

Researchers, antibody and assay developers as well as Immunohistochemistry (IHC) labs often find it difficult to find a reliable and verified source of positive / negative controls for their IHC experiments. This is especially important when they are developing new IHC protocols for novel targets whose expression pattern is not known or screening for new antibodies whose staining characteristics in IHC is unknown.

The new cytosections range from AMSBIO is comprised of high quality FFPE sections of cell pellets of over-expressing targeted biomarkers. The expression of target biomarkers in these cytosections is carefully verified for accuracy and specificity using Western Blot. Positive controls (cells transfected with the target protein) and negative controls (mock transfected cells) are available for genome wide human and mouse genome targets. In addition to its standard range - AMSBIO also offers a custom cytosections service where cell pellet composition and density can be designed according to customer’s needs.

Cytosection controls from AMSBIO provide the perfect tool for independently controlling and monitoring the performance of IHC protocols, run alongside your samples. Used to screen and set standards for sensitivity and specificity of your antibodies across different lots - these cytosections usefully provide a common standard and reference point for multi-centre clinical trials. They also can be used to develop custom multiplex assays for sensitivity and specificity.

For further information on high quality cytosections for antibody screening and IHC protocol development please visit or contact AMSBIO on +44-1235-828200 / +1-617-945-5033 /  

Founded in 1987, AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) is recognized today as a leading transatlantic company contributing to the acceleration of discovery through the provision of cutting-edge life science technology, products and services for research and development in the medical, nutrition, cosmetics and energy industries. AMSBIO has in-depth expertise in extracellular matrices to provide elegant solutions for studying cell motility, migration, invasion and proliferation. This expertise in cell culture and the ECM allows AMSBIO to partner with clients in tailoring cell systems to enhance organoid and spheroid screening outcomes using a variety of 3D culture systems, including organ-on-a-chip microfluidics. For drug discovery research, AMSBIO offers assays, recombinant proteins and cell lines. Drawing upon a huge and comprehensive biorepository, AMSBIO is widely recognised as a leading provider of high-quality tissue specimens (including custom procurement) from both human and animal tissues. The company provides unique clinical grade products for stem cell and cell therapy applications these include high quality solutions for viral delivery (lentivirus, adenovirus and adeno-associated virus) in addition to GMP cryopreservation technology.

Captions:  A: Human Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated Protein 4 (CTLA4) cytosection ; B: Illustration of antibodies binding cells

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