Design & Construction of Custom Lentiviral Vectors

AMSBIO offers a range of lentivirus production services to provide tailor-made products to support your research.

Lentiviral vectors are a valuable tool for delivering target genes into most types of dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells in vitro and in vivo. Typically, production of custom lentiviral vectors is a laborious and challenging process, especially when high-titer lentiviral vectors are required. The custom lentiviral vector production service from AMSBO offers researchers a proven partner to avoid this bottleneck and speed up your research.

The AMSBIO custom lentivirus service includes the design and construction of the vectors, providing you with high quality viral particles on which you can rely. Offered for various constructs, researchers can choose from a wide range of expression vectors, depending on your desired research application.

This includes services to make ready-to-use shRNA lentivirus for your gene target and to clone your desired human cDNA ORFs into a lentiviral expression vector with options of various promoters, tags, and markers. In addition, AMSBIO offers ready-to-use anti-miRNA lentivirus for human and mouse miRNA, as well as miRNA lentivirus for any human or mouse miRNA listed in miRbase.

The latest custom lentiviral vector production services introduced by AMSBIO are Integrase-Deficient lentivirus for gene therapy research that reduce the risk of insertional mutagenesis and lentiviruses to help understand the mechanism of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) cell entry and how the viral tropism evolves over time.

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