Biosynergy (Europe) Ltd

Telephone: 01223 579345

Contract manufacturer of biologics for immunodiagnostic, bio-pharmaceutical and environmental biotechnology applications. Contract RD; creation, development and optimisation of cell lines; process development and validation; production and purification of proteins (milligram to multi-gram quantities)to enable characterisation, pre-clinical testing, and scale-up for clinical trials.. Specialist in hybridoma technology and production/purification of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins from mammalian cell lines. . . Development of bioassays for environmental monitoring. Microbial and monoclonal antibody-based bioassays for identifying pathogens and determining toxicity of wastewater and groundwater.. . Technologies: Hollowfibre bioreactors; spinner/roller culture; stirred vessel bioreactors; Affinity, ion-exchange and size exclusion chromatography.