Domainex Ltd

Domainex offers services including highly experienced computational and medicinal chemistry and a unique patented technology called CDH. . . Our unique LeadBuilder technology for finding in a highly cost effective manner robust developable hits. LeadBuilder has been used many times for clients in the academic or biotech areas with great effect. Our medicinal chemistry expertise is based upon a team of highly experienced medicinal chemists based in Cambridge with a history of working for leading European Pharma and Biotech. We specialise in tackling a broad range difficult targets for drug discovery, including peptidomimetics.. . Combinatorial Domain Hunting or CDH is a unique patented technology conceived by Prof Laurence Pearl’s team of leading structural biologists and is specifically aimed at expressing protein targets for drug discovery that can not be expressed by other approaches. CDH has been applied to targets from many leading Pharma.. . Domainex also has its own drug discovery pipeline. Domainex’s lead project is IKK epsilon which is in lead optimisation for breast cancer. Domainex also has a pipeline of lysine methyl transferases (KMTs) all targeted at cancer. Our unique CDH technology has been applied to a number of KMTs with the aim of producing unique x-ray structures and assays.