Evonetix unveils new branding to align with its vision for gene-length DNA synthesis

Reflects evolution of the Company from research and development towards scale-up and commercialization

Cambridge, UK, 26 September 2023– EVONETIX LTD (‘Evonetix’), the Company developing semiconductor scale technology to improve access to gene synthesis, today announces the introduction of new branding to align with its vision to ‘Redefine possible’ through the development and commercialization of its benchtop semiconductor gene synthesis platform. The rebrand follows a period of significant milestones, including external evaluation of Evonetix’s chip-synthesized DNA.

Evonetix’s gene synthesis platform combines its patented semiconductor chip design and thermally controlled synthesis chemistry, with proprietary on-chip assembly and error correction, enabling accurate, gene-length DNA synthesis at the benchtop of any lab.

Access to gene-length DNA will be transformative for engineering biology research, with applications across medicine, agriculture, chemistry, materials and more. The platform will bypass the intrinsic limitations of scaling existing technologies to deliver accurate gene-length DNA through a decentralized approach.

The Company has seen a period of significant progress in the development of its benchtop DNA synthesis platform over the last twelve months, including the delivery of its chip-synthesized DNA to the University of Cambridge for evaluation1.

Colin McCracken, Chief Executive Officer at Evonetix, commented: “Our new identity represents the revolutionary work we are doing to deliver gene synthesis at the speed and scale required to enable scientists to address humanity’s greatest challenges. The new branding reflects the passion and expertise of our team as we prepare to communicate our product offering to the wider scientific community and our vision to ‘Redefine possible’.”

Mike Daniels, VP Product at Evonetix, added: “This is an exciting step for Evonetix. Our groundbreaking semiconductor technology reimagines gene synthesis, putting control directly into the hands of end-users and enabling the assembly of gene-length DNA at speed and scale. We are breaking through a multitude of technological barriers, developing a fundamentally different approach to gene synthesis to enable the engineering biology revolution. Our new branding reflects this bold ambition.”

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