Founder's story - interview with Tom Froggatt, MD

After 15 years in Biotech Tom Froggatt set up Singular Talent to help Biotech companies engage, attract and secure the talent they need and to make the hiring experience better from both sides of the table. He revealed how the values that are the bedrock of the company and .... much more:

Why I started Singular Talent

When I started in recruitment in 2006, the biggest problem we faced was finding and contacting the right people. LinkedIn didn’t exist, and Google was nowhere near the platform it’s now become, so we spent all of our time (and money) on solving this problem – building databases of active job seekers that we could call on when needed.

Fast forward to today, and the challenge has changed, but the industry hasn’t. It’s now straightforward to find almost anyone, but getting their attention? That’s the difficult part.

We started Singular Talent to solve exactly that problem – to help Biotech companies engage, attract and secure the talent they need and to make the hiring experience better from both sides of the table.

Making hiring better for you

We’re on a mission to make hiring better for as many people and companies as we possibly can, and we’re only just getting started. Hiring someone for your team and finding a new job should be exciting and full of possibility. Instead, both are commonly disappointing and full of frustration. It doesn’t need to be that way. By adapting the recruitment process, we can build an effective, enjoyable hiring experience that not only works, but feels great.

We’re fighting against outdated recruiting practices, agencies that only care about their placement fees and the general frustration caused by uninformed approaches to hiring.

Anyone who wants to improve their hiring, both in result and experience. Anyone who wants to develop their career in Biotech, but isn’t sure how, and anyone who feels that things could (and should) be better.

Our values

We help build careers and companies

Where you work has a major impact on the overall quality of your life, and bringing the right people into your company is the difference between success and failure. The people and businesses we work with are solving important problems and creating the future of medicine – it’s crucial that we take our role in getting the right people to the right places seriously, and do it to the best of our ability.

It’s about people

Behind the CVs and job orders are people, with aspirations, anxieties, goals and fears. We keep those people at the centre of the work we do, and offer both a supportive ear and the push that’s needed for them to make the right decisions about their careers and hiring.

We create fans

We can’t always deliver good news, but we want every interaction with us to be a positive one. Whether on email, a phone call, social media or anywhere else, we’ll work to make sure there’s a satisfying conclusion to every conversation.

We create opportunities

Opportunities for companies to hire great people that they wouldn’t be able to find and attract otherwise. Fantastic career opportunities that candidates wouldn’t hear about on their own. And opportunities for our own people to grow, develop and progress.

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