How to Ensure an Outstanding End-to-End Employee Experience

Have you noticed how the topic on everyone’s lips in the world of work has shifted from ‘how do we make hybrid working work?’ to ‘how do we engage and retain our staff?’ 
Here at ML&C HQ we’ve been reflecting on the amazing year we’ve had (so far!) with all our lovely clients, and in particular on some of the conversations we’ve had, some of the bespoke projects we’ve been privileged to work on, and all the talented and motivated participants we’ve got to know in the process.
It’s with this backdrop that we’re launching our winter campaign to introduce you to our Outstanding End-to-End Employee Experience. We’d like to use our experiences, client conversations and our own continuous learning over the past year to better help employers understand the End-to-End Employee Experience within their organisation. 
We have a question for you: how good is your organisation when it comes to providing an outstanding End-to-End Experience for your employees, whether they’re with you for six months, six years or their entire careers? From your recruitment process to onboarding, continuous personal and professional development and motivation, and when the time comes, being able to ‘say hello & goodbye with equal enthusiasm? 
If you were to score your organisation today, how would you fare? What would you base this on, what would you measure?
Here are some aspects you might wish to consider: 
Do you have a vision for what the experience needs to be?  
Do you have a strategy backed up by policies and procedures that support and drive the behaviours you need to deliver on the promises you made during their recruitment and onboarding?  
Crucially, do your managers share the vision, understand the strategy and possess the capability, capacity and confidence to effectively deliver an outstanding experience for their staff?
How often are you checking back with them that what you’re offering is what they want and need from you? How do you do this?
We’ve been busy collecting our research, editing our notes and collating the most important insights into our latest white paper, entitled ‘The Outstanding End-to-End Employee Experience’. We’ve made this available for you to download free of charge. The White Paper is packed with information and tips for providing experiences that are memorable, energising and engaging for your people, whether it’s through your structured offering or by ensuring that their wellbeing remains top of the agenda at all times, irrespective of individual circumstances.
In addition to the white paper, we’re really keen to share what we’ve been learning with those truly strategic professionals who are involved in engaging and retaining colleagues, we’ve put together an audit specifically aimed at helping you measure how your organisation is currently doing. It helps you to look at all the way markers along the End-to-End Employee route, from the starting blocks to the checkered flag.
So, if you’d like the opportunity to fill out a confidential audit and/or read up on creating an Outstanding End-to-End Employee Experience, click here: You’ll find both documents there – click on either or both. 
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