I saw a bee! What working from home taught me about myself

I’ve worked from home for 9 years, starting off as Head of R&D for a virtual biotech, then as CEO of Agility Health Tech. For the last few years, I’ve hardly been at home, I was mostly on site with clients, talking at events or meeting with potential new clients. Until two weeks ago…

In one of my early days of working from home, my wife came home from work and I greeted her with, “I saw a bee!”. Now, in my defence, it was December so seeing a bee was a surprise and, therefore, noteworthy. My wife’s response was, “You haven’t spoken to anyone today, have you?”. She was bang on. I hadn’t used any of my words that day.

I believe that we all have a daily quota of words to use (and coming from an Irish family, my quota is quite high!). That infamous day, now known as “BeeGate”, I learned how important it is to use your daily quota of words, to talk to people: about work, about life, about the daft things our kids and animals are doing while you are trying to work… don’t just sit in silence.

So in these crazy coronavirus lockdown times, please use your words. If you’d like to use some on me (we can talk work, wildlife or general wittering), just get in touch.

Must go – I think there’s a green woodpecker in the garden!

Dr Claire Thompson, CEO
Agility Health Tech

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Claire Siegwart, Communications Director