Computational Chemist / Structure-Based Drug Design

The ideal candidate should possess proven scientific skills and accomplishments in the industrial setting. Primary responsibilities include Structure-Based Drug Design (SBDD), support of hit expansion, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, and molecular docking. Proficiency in drug discovery packages, e.g., Schrodinger, OpenEye, MOE, or Cresset, is a must.

Key responsibilities:

· Structure- and ligand-based Drug Design

· Performing protein: small molecule and protein: protein docking

· Virtual screening of molecular databases

· Support of hit-to-lead campaigns and integration of the biological data

· Lead optimization for further ligand refinement


· Ph.D. in relevant discipline with a minimum of 2 years of experience in the industry

· Expertise in molecular modeling techniques and protein docking methods, including induced fit docking

· Good knowledge of molecular or structural biology and biophysics

· Experience in the application of statistical methods to evaluate properties of studied biological systems

· Computational-aided drug design skills

· Good communication skills and aptitude for teamwork and collaboration with experimentalists

· Attention to detail and critical thinking capabilities, excellent planning, execution, and organizational skills

We offer:

· Full-time employment in a quickly growing biotechnological enterprise

· Private healthcare plan

· Subsidy to sports activity package

· External and internal training in hard and soft skills, as well as participation in conferences

Application Instructions: 

We would be happy to discuss the career opportunities and guide you through the recruitment process.
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Application Closing Date: 
31 January 2023