Pan-Prostate Cancer Group Data Manager

We are seeking a Data Manager to join the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) to provide project and data management for the Pan-Prostate Cancer Group of the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC PPCG). This is an exciting role that requires an understanding of the EGA core mission and an enthusiasm for interacting with external collaborators to enhance and grow the EGA in line with the FAIR principles.

The EGA is a resource for permanent secure archiving and sharing of all types of potentially identifiable genetic and phenotypic data resulting from biomedical research projects. Its aim is to provide access to data, to foster data re-use, to enable reproducibility, and to speed up biomedical and translational research in line with the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles. As a part of the EGA team working with the PPCG, you will be responsible for managing data flow within EGA and among external resources as well as ensuring PPCG project milestones and deliverables are met.

The ICGC PPCG is an international collaboration performing the synchronized analysis of over 2000 prostate genomes and exomes, including re-analysis of deep sequencing of tumour-normal pairs as well as realignment and variant calling using dockerized pipelines. These genomic data are linked to rich clinical annotation and a globally standardized pathology analysis of each sample. Supported by regular in-person meetings, this tri-continental consortium works through regular steering committee and working-group calls. To support these analyses, we are seeking a Data Manager to join the EGA team to harmonise analyses and reporting across member organisations of the PPCG, and to serve as a project coordinator for the PPCG Technical Working Group which is responsible for primary data analysis.

Your role
A key function of the Data Manager role will be to manage data flow from multiple data providers to archival and analysis resources, including the EGA. Data management responsibilities include ensuring data and metadata adhere to standards; tracking PPCG data processing, archival, and availability; and working with EGA Helpdesk to support submission of and access to EGA data for approved users. The EGA team follows agile methodologies to track work using a mix of the RT ticketing system, JIRA, and Confluence in a collaborative environment.

The successful candidate will be the key individual coordinating the EGA’s involvement in the ICGC PPCG and will provide general PPCG project management support. Project management responsibilities include ensuring work for deliverables is scheduled, drafting deliverables such as regular reports and data archival progress updates, and representing the EGA at consortium meetings.

Because this is a highly dynamic role in terms of day-to-day responsibilities and interacting with PPCG group members, the successful candidate must be capable of working independently and in an international, collaborative, high-pressure environment. They will be required to follow standard operating procedures, work methodically, and understand the importance of privacy and security with respect to human data. An ability to work to tight deadlines independently and under pressure is essential. To view a copy of the full job description and responsibilities please click here.

You have
-Excellent interpersonal and communication skills including strong written and verbal communication in English
-Previous experience as a Program Manager, Data Manager, or an equivalent coordination role
-Understanding and awareness of current issues concerning data governance, distribution, and security
-Experience handling human genetic, phenotypic, clinical, and/or pathological data
-Experience interacting with a wide range of stakeholders and collaborators
-Ability to plan and work independently and to prioritise own work when faced with multiple deadlines

You might also have
-Experience generating regular project reporting from a variety of sources
-Experience writing project deliverables
-Working knowledge of genetic technologies
-Knowledge of international standards for exchange of human genetic, phenotypic, clinical, and/or pathological data

Why join us
At EMBL-EBI, we help scientists realise the potential of ‘big data’ in biology by enabling them to exploit complex information to make discoveries that benefit mankind. As part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), we are a non-profit, intergovernmental organisation funded by over 27 member states and two associate member states. We are located on the Wellcome Genome Campus near Cambridge in the UK, and our 850 staff are engineers, technicians, scientists and other professionals from all over the world.

We have an informal culture, international working environment and excellent professional development opportunities but one of the really amazing things about us is the concentration of technical and scientific expertise – something you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Application Instructions: 

To apply please submit a covering letter and CV through our online system here:

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Application Closing Date: 
21 August