PolyProX Therapeutics Ltd: Director, Nanoparticle Delivery (P1907)

PolyProx Therapeutics is a spin-out from Cambridge University, Department of Pharmacology based on exciting discoveries in the PROTACs/proteasome field.

The company will discover and develop a new class of drugs for the treatment of cancer, using novel engineered proteins that are able to selectively target tumour cells and trigger natural degradation machinery within the cell. This approach promises to address cancer targets that have proved intractable using current technologies, important in major diseases such as lung, colorectal and pancreatic cancers.

PolyProx has raised seed financing of £3.4m to build and validate a drug discovery pipeline for several cancer drug targets.

Based in R&D laboratories on the Babraham Research Campus we are currently seeking an enthusiastic and ambitious Director to join our dynamic team, led by Professor Laura Itzhaki, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer.

• You will be a Ph.D graduate or equivalent
• Demonstrable expertise in the formulation, manufacture, stability and delivery of protein, RNA and DNA encapsulated nanoparticles and viruses.
• A deep knowledge of industry trends, knowledge of regulatory approved nanoparticles as well as those in research and clinical development.
• Proven experience in effective management of outsourced R&D, as well as the identification, qualification and management of preclinical and clinical contract manufacture organisations.
• Good understanding of the requirements for multi-national regulatory approval of nanoparticles.

You will need to be able to work as an independent scientist but also be a team player and an excellent communicator with proven writing skills. Working to the highest standards, you will need to be able to work with a sense of urgency to meet the company’s ambitious goals.

We offer competitive salaries and an attractive benefits package that includes 6% pension contribution, life assurance and healthcare plan.

Application Instructions: 

Please visit our website to apply: www.polyprox.com/careers/

Application Closing Date: 
28 February