Scientist Oligonucleotide Chemist

Job title: Scientist Oligonucleotide Chemist
Location: Cambridge UK

Job Description

Eleven Tx is seeking a highly skilled and passionate oligonucleotide (ON) chemist to join our team in developing the next generation of RNA therapeutics. The successful candidate will use state-of-the-art techniques to enhance RNA stability and improve cell delivery, as well as aid in the development of unique therapeutic platforms to discover new RNA molecules. Working alongside other chemists, molecular biologists, and AI experts, this person will systematically explore new and current chemical modifications to improve drug efficacy. He/she will be highly skilled in synthesising, analysing, and handling modified oligonucleotides and have the ability to adapt to a fast-paced research environment. He/she will also be responsible for developing high-throughput assays to discover new ultra-potent RNAs and contribute to the construction of our therapeutic pipeline and chemistry facilities. The ideal candidate will be a well-rounded oligonucleotide chemist keen to work in a multidisciplinary research environment.

Key Responsibilities

Lead the development and chemical synthesis of modified oligonucleotides using automated solid phase synthesis (SPS)
Utilise a variety of purification and analytical techniques to evaluate the purity and structural integrity of newly synthesised ONs
Collaborate closely with molecular biologists and AI experts to design biochemical assays and understand the structure-activity relationship and therapeutic implications of RNA modalities
Utilise expertise to generate libraries of therapeutic RNA and generate the data for AI algorithms

Key Capabilities

Excellent knowledge of solid phase ON synthesis, phosphoramidite chemistry, and hands-on experience with automated ON synthesizers
Advanced and up-to-date knowledge of ON protecting groups and different deprotection strategies in SPS
Expertise in characterisation and purification of ONs and their conjugates by LCMS and HPLC
Strong analytical aptitude with an ability to work at the interface of chemistry and biology
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to voice opinions and share ideas with the rest of the team
High professional integrity and commitment to excellence in execution
Passion for realizing the potential of fundamental scientific discoveries and commercialization


PhD or equivalent in ON/peptide/synthetic organic chemistry (postdoctoral or industrial experience in the SPS is preferred)
Strong understanding of nucleic acid modalities, modifications, and conjugation chemistry
Strong track record of scientific contributions, including peer reviewed publications or patent applications

Application Instructions: 

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Application Closing Date: 
31 March 2023