Scientist/Senior Research Associate - Biology in Cambridge UK

o2h Group is looking for a dynamic individual to join its vibrant biology team based out of Cambridge, UK. You will be responsible for managing and developing various assays and fragment-based/small molecule screening using state-of-the-art technology platforms utilizing cell-free and cell-based assay development, primary screening, orthogonal assay validation, and functional characterization of lead molecules. The ideal candidates would be highly detail-oriented, execution-focused, and have a strong educational background with a passion for science and research.

Job description:

Independently design, conduct, optimize and proactively troubleshoot screening assays

Develop, optimize and validate biophysical, biochemical, and cell-based assay platforms for the hit identification, lead optimization, and functional characterization of small molecules

Work on the bench implementing state-of-the-art technologies for the different assay platforms and supporting the senior team on various activities

Ensure robust and high-quality assays with efficient use of automation and instrumentation

Data processing, interpretation, and presentation to cross-functional team members and stakeholders.

Proposing, planning, quoting, tracking reagent needs, usage, and executing timelines for each study

Work closely with other biology groups involved in cellular and molecular biology, protein biology/chemistry, and ADME, offering integrated drug discovery support alongside chemistry for multiple client-based projects

Job requirements:

Candidates should have high-level expertise in medium/high-throughput screening and molecular cellular biology.

Working knowledge of methods for small-molecule lead discovery is essential, but might not be essential (particularly for academic candidates).

Candidates must be capable of excellent teamwork in a fast-paced, multidisciplinary environment, where meeting timelines will be essential.

Excellent data analysis and interpretation skills

A clear understanding of biology principles/assays & strategies to troubleshoot

Have a passion for science as well as being open to continuous learning and education

Creative thinking to spot new customers and growth opportunities

Be highly organized with the ability to work independently in a fast-paced team environment

Ability to work in a team in a transparent and entrepreneurial culture

Self-motivated with an initiative to reach challenging targets

Please make sure that you hold a permanent residency or proper work permit for the UK

Application Instructions: 

Interested candidates are requested to share their cv along with the cover letter on

Application Closing Date: 
28 February