Senior scientist - Molecular biology

Eleven Tx is seeking a passionate and innovative scientist to join a team responsible for decoding the rules of nucleic acid therapies utilizing state-of-the-art synthetic biology and AI. The successful candidate will develop new biological assays for high throughput analysis of RNAi processes that span a range of molecular technologies and a high degree of tinkering. The successful candidate will be a creative, flexible, and well-rounded scientist with a proven track record of high impact publications with demonstrated ability to adapt to changing priorities in a fast-paced environment.

Key Responsibilities
Orchestrating a multi-layer system that spans from nucleic acid synthesis to a functional readout in a range of biological systems.
Designing clever experiments to find the smallest number of vantage points to decipher the rules of nucleic acid therapeutics.
Collaborating closely with other experimentalists and AI experts to decipher the rules and iteratively design the next experimental batches.
Convert a biological experimental design into a scalable, turn-key process that can be repeated over and over again.
Identifying, assessing, and implementing novel technologies, and developing new technological tools necessary to enable

Key Capabilities
Strong collaboration and ability to work cross-functionally
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Ability to voice opinions and share ideas with the rest of the team
Attention to detail
High professional integrity and commitment to excellence in execution
Creativity, thinking out-side-the-box, developing fit-for-purpose solutions
Passion for realizing the potential of fundamental scientific discoveries to improve patients’ lives

Must have a PhD in Molecular Biology, Nucleic acid chemistry, Cell Biology, or related field
3+ years of industry or relevant academic experience preferably involving primary human cells
Hands-on experience with high throughput assays, nucleic acid technologies, and next-generation sequencing (NGS).
Hands-on expertise with tissue culture and cell assays.
Hands-on experience with viral vector design, packaging, and transduction
Proficiency in cutting-edge molecular biology and recombinant DNA techniques (ligation cloning, Gateway, Golden Gate, Gibson Assembly)
Recognized excellence as evidenced by top-tier peer-reviewed publications

About Eleven Tx
Eleven Tx is a new start-up company, founded by a multi-disciplinary international team of world-class scientists, including Dr Greg Hannon (NAS, Royal Society, HHMI), and Dr Yaniv Erlich (ex-Colubmia University Professor of Computer Science, MIT/Whitehead Institute Fellow) and executives with a proven track in entrepreneurship. The company is backed by leading VCs and non-dilutive grants and develops the future of nucleic acid therapeutics using a set of unique platforms that synergize synthetic biology, AI, and the programmable nature of nucleic acids.

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Application Closing Date: 
11 June