Latest Case Study | Urgent Shipping Of Frozen Eggs For IVF

Cambridge, UK: In vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment is now a global affair which involves patients, fertility clinics, embryologists and transportation specialists. Each country has different legislation relating to fertility treatments, and with many patients now finding themselves seeking IVF in a country which supports their specific needs, it is crucial to securely and reliably transport the invaluable frozen eggs, sperms or embryos from one fertility clinic to another for further treatment cycles.

A patient was looking for a specialist courier to manage the transportation of frozen eggs from a fertility clinic in Russia to Asia. Collaborating with a company with in-depth knowledge of cryogenic shipping is vital, as any mistake in the cold chain can have devastating effects.


Transporting the frozen eggs from a fertility clinic for a further treatment cycle can be a complicated process. There are many aspects relating to logistics and documentation required that need to be considered to ensure the successful transportation of gametes. There are various parties involved within the cold chain, such as clinicians, airport security teams and customs clearance, all of whom must be interconnected.

Ensuring safe transportation of cryopreserved materials

In relation to the logistics of transporting frozen eggs, Kevin Xu, General Manager Biocair APAC, highlights:

“The process requires additional permits for import/export and customs, as well as advanced packaging technologies to securely store the materials at a specific temperature. The strict temperature requirements (-196C) and alternative security measures to avoid x-rays ensure that the safety and quality of the eggs is maintained, meaning they arrive in perfect condition. The safety of the fragile eggs is absolutely paramount to the intended parents, there is no margin for mistake”.

Furthermore the patients were let down by a different courier during the previous process so it was literally their last chance.


Liquid nitrogen dewar and shipping solution

Due to the strict temperature profiles of the samples, Biocair used a liquid nitrogen dry vapour shipping container (familiarly known as an LN2 dewar). These advanced systems are purpose built for the safe transportation of eggs and other biological samples such as semen and embryos. These samples are used in fertility treatment and this transportation method ensures that the materials remain at cryogenic temperatures during transit. Due to the challenging export requirements, associated transportation times and route, Biocair developed contingency plans to ensure that the correct temperature was maintained during transit.

IMAGE: Biocair Liquid Nitrogen Shipping Solutions For Cryomaterials

Supply of shipment documentation

Biocair’s customs brokerage teams prepared all necessary documentation and permits for export from Russia and the necessary import permits where required, adhering to all national and international requirements relating to the various tissue and cell directives.

Real-time tracking and monitoring

The company’s global network of offices provided full logistical support from the point of collection through to delivery. Included in this were tracking and monitoring technologies, giving complete peace of mind to the patient who could access key updates including dewar pick up time, routing and delivery time. Throughout the process Biocair’s dedicated project management experts liaised directly with the patient.


For over 30 years Biocair has provided logistical support exclusively to the life sciences sectors. During this time the company has established relationships with the world’s leading airlines and has developed expert knowledge of the global supply chain. As a result, Biocair could ensure the prompt and punctual delivery of the materials.

Flexibility and speed were key throughout this project, given that the patients were previously let down by another courier and this could have been their last chance for success. Biocair’s logistics experts coordinated export approval and expedited service, despite the challenging territories and the added pressure of critical materials.

Biocair’s service is personalised to the patient, vital when transporting samples that are irreplaceable, invaluable and unique to that individual.

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