Life Sciences Training Made Easy: Your New Sat Nav Guide!

By Monalisa Breazu, Learning & Development Administrator, One Nucleus

Building the best teams within the complex field of life sciences can frequently feel like venturing into unknown territory. To address this issue, One Nucleus has developed a Training Sat Nav for life sciences training. We recognise the importance our members place on developing their teams, but also recognise the challenges faced in identifying the right courses.

In order to support One Nucleus members, and the wider sector in enabling their teams to develop and thrive, the Training Sat Nav tool will aid those seeking to find the best courses for their colleagues, as well enabling training providers to promote their offering. Clear strategies for employee development and training have been widely shown to increase employee attraction, retention and productivity. In the current climate, where good employees often have multiple employment options, being seen as having employee development interests as a priority can be compelling. In addition, the bottom-line impact of recurring recruitment cycles, including financial, management time, and team dynamics, can be significant.

Whilst One Nucleus offers a portfolio of first-class formal courses, there is an array of technical and softer skills that staff may need to develop outside of that portfolio. We already works with a number of complementary course providers, often at discounted rates, but the Training Sat Nav will enable much greater signposting.

Training providers, please consider this article as a ‘Call to Action’ to contact the One Nucleus Training Team to discuss options to include your course(s) on the platform.  






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