Lucy Cavendish College launches innovative and unique Life Sciences Community

On September 23, key stakeholders attended an event to celebrate the launch of The Lucy Cavendish Life Sciences Community. The event proved to be a useful forum for members of the community to meet and network and an opportunity to find out more about future plans. The Community is a collaboration of local Cambridge life-science businesses and provides essential funds for STEMM students during their study. It aims to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships between local businesses, STEMM students, the College and the wider university. 
During the event, Madeleine Atkins, President of Lucy Cavendish College, thanked the members of the innovative new community - AstraZeneca, Abzena, Alchemab, the Babraham Research Campus Ltd and PhoreMost - for their support and commitment to the project so far. Special thanks also went to Derek Jones, Lucy Fellow and Chief Executive of Babraham Research Campus Ltd, which develops and manages the Babraham Research Campus, for his significant input into establishing the community. 

Madeleine said:
“As Lucy Cavendish works to diversify its student body, we want to make sure those students are supported, not just through admission to the College, but throughout their student years and on into fulfilling careers. Research shows that students from backgrounds underrepresented in Higher Education are most concerned about their future career prospects but are least well-resourced to take up opportunities to network with employers, undertake internships, benefit from mentoring. The collegiate community is acting to address that, not least by setting up the Life Sciences Community to provide support funds and opportunities to best equip students for their future careers. We want all our students to have the best chance of spotting, seizing and seeing through opportunities to create positive impact.”

Rachael Burcher is in charge of steering the project and she said:
“It’s been wonderful to welcome members of our new Life Sciences Community who have come together to work with the College in supporting our students. I’m looking forward to working with the organisations to pilot our programme of mentoring, work shadowing, internships and careers evenings.”
Engagement activities and opportunities will include research events, speed mentoring sessions, careers days, STEMM workshops, internships and mentoring programmes.
This supportive and fully inclusive collaboration will improve and enrich the mix of future employees in life sciences and encourage the brightest and the best whatever their background to work in the industry. 

Media Contact Information: 

Sarah Brereton