MedFlow Clinical has been Selected as a Global Top 10 Clinical Trial Supply Company for 2023

MedFlow Clinical has been recognised as a global top 10 clinical trial supply company by Life Sciences Review. Read the full story...

MedFlow Clinical: Revolutionising Clinical Trial Supply Management

In the world of clinical trials, MedFlow Clinical is changing what is possible for both CROs and pharmaceutical companies. How? By addressing critical gaps in supply chain, by providing world-class logistical and clinical supply management support, and by making the most challenging regions newly accessible.

Twin Expertise in Clinical and Logistical Domains

At the core of MedFlow Clinical's success is its unique blend of clinical acumen and logistical prowess. Co-founder Chris Smith emphasizes, "What sets us apart is how we integrate clinical knowledge and clinical trial management with logistical expertise." This synergy allows MedFlow to navigate complex supply challenges, providing clients with unrivalled service quality.

Global Reach with a Personal Touch

With a presence in Australia, Ireland, the U.S. and the Netherlands, MedFlow Clinical is not your typical supply chain company. Catering to a global clientele, it supports over 1,300 sites worldwide. This is a testament to its ability to transcend geographical barriers and deliver solutions to even the most hard-to-access regions.

Humanitarian Endeavours and Client-Centric Approach

MedFlow Clinical's commitment to humanitarian causes is evident in its kitting division, having recently supplied 10,000 first aid kits to Ukraine within a tight six-week deadline. This project also showcases their ability to handle complex logistical tasks and to deliver in crisis situations.

Deepening relationships ‘on the ground’

A MedFlow Clinical team recently spent three weeks in Asia-Pacific to consolidate logistical relationships in that region. Such initiatives outline MedFlow Clinical’s commitment to supporting and empowering its clients, and also explain why it is fast emerging as a dependable ally in the clinical trial industry.

About MedFlow Clinical

MedFlow Clinical, with its unique blend of clinical supply management and logistical expertise, is a global leader in the clinical trial supply sector. Known for its agility, innovative approach, and humanitarian spirit, MedFlow is set to redefine industry standards and contribute significantly to the success of clinical trials worldwide.

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