Monument Therapeutics to present positive preclinical data for anti-neuroinflammation target MT1980 at AD/PD conference

Monument Tx CSO to present preclinical data for lipid reformulation of anti-inflammatory compound MT1980 at AD/PD conference in Barcelona 15-20th March 2022

Manchester, UK, March 14, 2022: Monument Therapeutics, a stratified medicine company, today announced it will be presenting their positive preclinical results for MT1980, a lipid-based reformulation of an on-market anti-inflammatory compound, at the AD/PD conference, 15-20th March 2022. Findings will be presented from preclinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic experiments that support the development of MT1980 for a range of major neurological and psychiatric conditions associated with neuroinflammation, including Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, schizophrenia, depression, post-operative cognitive decline and Long Covid. The success of MT1980 so far is a vindication of Monument’s strategy to de-risk development by reformulating drugs with a favourable safety profile and proven mechanism of action.

MT1980 is being developed as a novel formulation using proprietary lipid technology to solve issues related to poor pharmacokinetics and blood brain barrier penetration, maximally leveraging pharmacology in the brain that would not otherwise be accessible with the standard, on-market formulation of the compound.

Kiri Granger, Chief Scientific Officer of Monument Therapeutics, said:

“Our preclinical work has enabled us to rapidly establish pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic improvements with MT1980 compared to standard formulations of the drug and we are delighted to be able to present these promising findings at the AD/PD conference. Combined with our patient stratification approach using digital biomarkers, we believe MT1980 has the potential to address the major problem of cognitive impairment associated with neuroinflammation for a range of therapeutic indications of high unmet need.”

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Monument Therapeutics is bringing stratified medicine to CNS drug development. The company uses proprietary digital biomarkers to reduce heterogeneity and identify patients with homogenous underlying neurobiology, which are then matched with appropriately targeted compounds.

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