Mursla Bio enters the US market with strategic expansion

Mursla Bio launches US strategy to bring its novel liquid biopsy tests – based on extracellular vesicle technology – to patients

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (UK) and Cambridge, Massachusetts (US) 13th June 2024: Mursla Bio, a biotech company that is pioneering the way we diagnose and treat cancer, today announces that it has taken a significant strategic step by entering the US market and opening a new office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This move marks an important milestone in establishing the company’s commercial and regulatory presence in support of its global customers.

Mursla Bio’s cutting-edge technology collects unique biological insights from tissue-specific extracellular vesicles (EVs) in the blood to enable better cancer diagnosis, effective treatment and ultimately an increased chance of patient survival. For example, leveraging its discovery and validation platform, powered by patented technologies such as the recently published NEXOS, a breakthrough test has been developed that can replace ultrasound and significantly improve liver cancer surveillance among high-risk patients, including the five million patients living with cirrhosis in the United States.

The new office, located in the dynamic biotech ecosystem of Cambridge, Massachusetts, will enhance Mursla Bio’s ability to innovate and collaborate within the liquid biopsy field. This strategic positioning is pivotal for advancing the company’s US Product Launch Plan and brings it closer to its customers globally.

Mursla Bio’s US Product Launch Plan includes (i) opening a certified laboratory, (ii) conducting a reimbursement-related clinical study with chronic liver disease care centers, (iii) obtaining additional regulatory approvals, and (iv) building robust commercial capabilities over the coming years. The team will be officially opening the office next week.





About Mursla Bio

Mursla Bio is a liquid biopsy company pioneering a novel technology that analyses intercellular messengers (“extracellular vesicles”) to better diagnose cancer. Its first-in-class blood testing technology, based on a cutting-edge approach, can perform a non-invasive liver biopsy at any time. This involves the AI-enabled analysis of multi-omics content of liver-derived extracellular vesicles from blood. Its flagship technology aims to replace ultrasound in the surveillance of liver cancer among 10 million high-risk patients in Western countries.

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