New blood brain barrier model created for the study of neurodegenerative disease

Specialist preclinical contract research organisation (CRO) Cellomatics Biosciences has launched a new in vitro model of the blood brain barrier (BBB) for research into neurodegenerative diseases.

Developed and prepared in-house, INNOBEX™ is an in vitro model comprised of three primary cell types: endothelial cells (HBMVEC), pericytes and astrocytes. The model can be used with assays including TEER (transendothelial electrical resistance) and FITC Dextran to assess the permeability of the BBB and to determine if a drug is acting on the cells of the BBB to affect the permeability. Other assay applications for INNOBEX™ include immunofluorescence or immunohistochemistry, allowing clients to assess protein interactions or distribution of cells within the BBB.

INNOBEX™ can also be used to study peptide-efflux, which is important in the study of dementia to understand the build-up of Amyloid β peptides in the brain. These studies can be performed in conjunction with cytokine analysis, using Cellomatics’ Luminex MAGPIX® System to perform multiplex immunoassays, in which multiple analytes can be detected in a single sample, to see how treatment affects the cytokines on the blood or brain side of the barrier.

Dr Shailendra Singh, CEO of Cellomatics Biosciences, said: “In vitro models of the blood brain barrier which are representative of the in vivo BBB are highly sought after, given its role in disease. Indeed, the pathology of the BBB is important in neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, the BBB can play a role in infective diseases such as meningitis. Understanding the function of the BBB in these diseases could lead to increased treatment options and improved quality of life for the patients.”

“Over the years, several companies have designed different models to represent the BBB in vitro. These range from simple one cell type models to complex organ on a chip or microfluidic structures. However, there are several drawbacks associated with these models, with single cell models not receiving feedback from the other cells surrounding the vasculature and more complex models being limited by their expense and low throughput.

“The Cellomatics Biosciences BBB model, INNOBEX™, was created as a solution to these issues, with three primary cell types making up the model. It is freshly prepared in-house, ensuring the cells are healthy, and the model is used only once it has passed our stringent quality control measures. We are looking forward to using INNOBEX™ to support the research projects of our global client base.”

Based in Nottingham, Cellomatics has expertise in five main therapeutic areas: oncology, immuno-oncology, immunology, inflammation and respiratory. Founded in 2015, Cellomatics has since positioned itself as the CRO of choice for its growing global client base seeking expert support with the development of bespoke bioassays.

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