A new era for UK-Japanese scientific relations

As the UK and Japan embark on a new trade deal, there are aspirations of greater collaboration and investment between the two nations. Dr. Jorg Taubel shares his thoughts on the future needs of the Japanese pharmaceutical market and how UK-Japanese scientific relations can support this in his recent article in Pharmaceutical Market Europe and PMLive.

Dr. Taubel uses his experience of conducting more than 60 Japanese bridging studies to explain why the deal is of strategic importance to the UK and highlights the scientific requirements for conducting successful Japanese trials abroad – particularly with London’s Japanese population.

Dr. Jorg Taubel writes: “While not everyone in the UK of Japanese descent is eligible nor wants to participate in research, the country has a very high share of its Japanese population participating in trials compared to Japan itself and the United States. Leading CROs have established dedicated Japanese patient recruitment and clinical teams in the capital to deliver these trials. With this in mind, the UK’s importance in the development of new chemical entities for release into the Japanese market should not be understated.”

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