New event for founders: Why you need an Exit Strategy now

29 February 2024 | The Garden Room, St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge

It’s never too early to start planning your business exit. Business exit strategy experts Yellowyoyo have teamed up with Innovate UK EDGE to deliver an essential event for founders that will set you on the road to maximising value, whether you plan to exit in five years or fifty years. Do you plan to sell your business, pass it to your chosen successor, merge with another company or stay on in a new role? Whatever your preferred exit, the time to start preparing is now.

The agenda will include valuable group discussions with peers, a Q&A with experts and time for networking.

What will delegates learn?

• Why it’s important to have an exit strategy
• How to develop an exit strategy and its impact on overall strategy
• Different forms of exit
• The pitfalls of short-term focus
• Organisational structure, processes and investing in talent
• Scaling vs growth
• How strategic partnerships can deliver: the importance of an effective ecosystem
• The role of brand and marketing in maximising value

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