New opportunities abound for online gambling businesses

Israel has long been one of the world's leading exporters of online gambling and casino companies, a sector that has boomed during the pandemic.

The convergence of multiple trends in the online gaming industry (the acceleration of games as social networks and content platforms, and a push toward cross-media integration, cloud gaming and subscription services) is underpinning buoyant times for investment and M&A activity in the sector. Indeed, the last few years have seen a huge acceleration of growth and increased deal activity, both from existing video games industry players and new investors.

The sector’s growth has already brought scrutiny in terms of player protection, especially around the risks of financial harm. Controversies over monetisation methods continue to cause negative sentiment leading to calls for increased regulation.

Partner Jan Feuerhake and Senior Counsel Nathan Krapivensky explore the impact on the gambling industry in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine and the Netherlands as part of a recent CTech by Calcalist article.