New Scientist - One Nucleus Member Advertising Offer

We are happy to announce the below adversting offer from New Scientist for our members. 

Individual Advertising

Standard Branded Advert - £299 (reduced from £599)
• Advert branded with logo live for up to 28 days

Enhanced Advert - £450 (reduced from £999)
• Same as standard branded advert
• Promoted across the website and the homepage
• Promoted in our fortnightly newsletter to over 25,000 registered candidates

Targeted Advert - £999 (reduced from £1,599)
• Same as an enhanced advert
• Advert emailed out to up to 1,000 matching registered candidates

For those clients who have regular recruitment throughout the year we have an offer for a 12 month contract:
• Unlimited standard branded adverts - £1,000 per month
• Unlimited standard branded adverts and half page in our magazine once per month - £1,500 per month


NewScientist are also creating a series of articles this year based on “A day in the life of” and focusing on roles within Life Science.

They currently have the below on their site and are currently in the process of creating more. These are featured on the website and promoted through newsletters and social media channels.

If any members are interested in being part of this series of articles, there is no charge to create one for us, however they would need to either be a current, historic or regular advertiser of roles on our site.

Media Contact Information: 

Please contact Mike Black for more information:
+44 2076 111257