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OMass Therapeutics Expands Leadership Team with Two New Appointments

  • Appointment of two senior executives in newly created roles

  • Peter Phillips M.D., Ph.D. joins as Senior Vice President of Clinical Development and Julia Sampson Ph.D. joins as Vice President of Non-clinical Development


Leading integrated drug discovery partner, Sygnature Discovery (“Sygnature”) has announced its acquisition of one of North America’s largest discovery Contract Research Organisations, Canada-based NuChem Sciences. This acquisition cements Sygnature as one of the world’s largest players in integrated drug discovery phase solutions and advances their vision to become the global market leader.

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"ValiRx and Inaphaea teams attend On Helix

AMSBIO announce a new range of pre-made Nano-Lantern lentivirus products that utilize a proprietary lentiviral vector system to enable highly sensitive and precise in vivo luminescence imaging.

This cutting-edge Nano-Lantern lentivirus technology, which consists of an enhanced Renilla-Luciferase connected to an Orange Fluorescent protein (OFP), represents a significant improvement over previous methods and is poised to revolutionize many in vivo imaging applications.

Patients could benefit from bespoke cancer-fighting treatments with fewer side effects thanks to a new partnership between a biotech company and a UK university.

The University of Leicester has joined forces with Cambridge-based Isogenica to develop new immunotherapies – a process where the patient’s immune system is helped to fight cancer – which will be tested on a ‘virtual patient’.

Alexion, AstraZeneca’s rare disease subsidiary, is acquiring a portfolio of preclinical gene therapy programs from Pfizer. The deal will bring a number of novel adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsids to Alexion and help build on AstraZeneca’s capabilities in genomic medicine.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 26th July 2023 / Domainex Ltd., a leading, integrated medicines research services partner and recent recipient of the King’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade, announces the purchase of its third, multi-channel Malvern Panalytical WAVEdelta system, powered by Creoptix technology. Simultaneously, Domainex announces the expansion of its biophysical suite of technologies through the purchase of a Malvern Panalytical PEAQ-ITC instrument with MicroCal technology.