CAMBRIDGE, UK, 02 July 2018 – EVONETIX LTD (‘Evonetix’), the Cambridge-based company pioneering an innovative approach to enable scalable and high-fidelity gene synthesis, announced today that it had been awarded substantial funding to support the development of a novel enzymatic approach to DNA synthesis. Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, will co-fund the £1.3 million project, which will be undertaken in collaboration with Durham University.

Attributes ongoing success to scientific ethos, project management, and innovative research programs.

Cambridge, UK, 02 July 2018: IONTAS Limited (IONTAS), a leader in the discovery and optimisation of fully human antibodies, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Company held an anniversary party at King’s College, Cambridge, on 30th June 2018, with drinks, dinner and live music. 

  • NESDEP portable laboratory for pathogen detection is now being transferred for manufacture

  • NESDEP detects pathogens in less than 90 minutes, and aims to provide significant cost savings whilst reducing the incidence of foodborne illnesses