Oncology & Precision Medicine Conferences 2022

For 2022 only the Oncology Conference and the Precision Medicine Conference will both run in conjunction with each other. Join Bionow, expert speakers and industry colleagues to discuss the current oncology landscape and the future of precision medicine.

The prevention of cancer and the development of more effective strategies for early-stage detection, when treatment may be most effective, remain critical societal goals. Precision medicine is the next generation of healthcare research that has the potential to provide significant, targeted benefits to patients, and affect strategic shifts in the way healthcare is delivered. As the two go hand in hand with precision medicine enabling the detection, treatment and prevention of a range of diseases including cancers, Bionow is pleased to present a two-day event to explore the relationship between these two areas of healthcare and facilitate a more in-depth programme.

The oncology portion of the conference on 18th October will present the problems faced with prevention and early diagnosis, then discuss the latest advances to address these challenges and translate the science into better care for patients. We will hear from a range of perspectives, including experts, organisations and patient advocacy groups.

Precision Medicine
The second day of the conference on 19th October will focus on the impact precision medicine is having on patients in the detection, treatment and prevention of diseases and, given the strengths in the North, how we are developing this approach in an efficient and sustainable way.
Discussions will also incorporate the development of new diagnostic tests and expanding the use of biomarkers to enable the identification of the molecular cause of disease, plus how this can support the development of novel, more precisely targeted treatments.

Booking Policy
To allow you to book confidently, our current intention is to host our Oncology & Precision Medicine Conference as a face-to-face event. Due to the rise of COVID cases if you have booked tickets or an exhibition and fall ill due to COVID then you will have the choice to either transfer your booking to an alternative date or receive a full refund.

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