One Nucleus Employer of Choice Collaboration with the Future of Work Institute

In May 2022, we were honored to announce our collaboration with the Future of Work Institute (FOWI) to enhance our Employer of Choice webinar series to provide our members with real world insights, guidance, and best practices on becoming employers of choice to attract and develop their best team.

Fast forward five months and we have learnt how to; become a destination workplace, support our employees and colleagues through wellbeing strategies, overcome the challenges around hybrid working and finally, to become a great storyteller.

It has been a pleasure to work with expert facilitators, Barry Winkless, Chief Strategy Officer at Cpl Group & Head of the Future of Work Institute, and Elysia Hegarty, Associate Director and Future of Wellness Lead at Future of Work Institute, and we look forward to what this collaboration brings in 2023.

Creating a Destination Workplace, 11 May 2022

You have the ability to design your organisation to be as attractive as it needs to be to recruit and retain great people.

From a recent survey across different industries carried out by FOWI, 83% of people are considering moving to a ‘better’ organisation. How can you be the ‘better’ organisation? The FOWI has created the 3W Model, for you to consider:

  • Work place – ‘where the work takes place across physical & virtual space’
  • Work task – ‘the mindsets, methods & tools that deliver the work’
  • Work force – ‘how the overall workforce is designed, managed & motivated’

For more information, download the Future of Work World: Pathways and Perspectives on the Future of Work free whitepaper.

How Workplace Wellness Can Enhance your People Value Proposition 23 June 2022

When you take a holistic approach and support each member of your team individually you are helping to create an environment for people to thrive. There has been a noticeable shift with employees measuring their ROI (return on investment) to them now concentrating on their ROV (return on value); wellness strategies are helping companies to achieve this which, in turn, enhances their People Value Proposition.

During this session, Elysia shared key insights into the eight interdependent dimensions that are essential when building an effective wellness strategy:

  • Personal Growth
  • Flexibility
  • Shared Purpose
  • Deepen Connections
  • Opportunities
  • Earning Capacity
  • Physical Safety
  • Psychological Safety

Once you have your objectives identified, speak to your employees about the challenges they are facing and listen to their thoughts to gather deeper insights. This will help you to develop a variety of ways to drive engagement with your employee’s wellness. 

Storytelling and the New Employee Experience, 29 September 2022

Understanding your People Value Proposition will help you when recruiting and retaining the best teams with values that resonate with your organisation.

Candidates use an average of 18 sources and read 7-8 reviews before applying for a job, which means that the candidate journey starts anywhere that the employer story can be found, so make it memorable!

During this session, Barry gave practical and real-life examples to help you to successfully develop and tell your story.

Driving Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Working World, 9 November 2022

Data shows that companies with engaged employees outperformed those with less engaged employees by 202%. Elysia explained that employee engagement is a strategic enabler within an organisation, it isn’t a tick box exercise, it is essential to maintaining your employer of choice status.

A key takeaway from the session was the importance of involving your employees and giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings right at the beginning of the process of creating a hybrid working routine. This helps to reinforce the feeling of purpose within the organisation and improve engagement

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