One Nucleus Joins Strategic Business Clusters Collaborating to Give High-Tech Community a Crucial Voice in Government’s Plans for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc

Cambridge, UK: 20 July 2021

One Nucleus, the non-for-profit Life Science membership group headquartered in Cambridge, exists to support growing Life Science businesses throughout their life cycle as they translate great science into better patient outcomes. This includes promoting and leveraging the world class excellence within our network and beyond, by facilitating the right connections.

Now it has joined with eight other high profile and strategic business clusters – including the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) – to work together to explore ways to connect high-tech businesses, across the region, and unlock the ‘latent potential’ between the businesses in the network, as well as give the region’s high-tech business community a crucial voice in the government’s plans for the Oxford to Cambridge Arc growth corridor.

The super cluster network, set up by MEPC’s Roz Bird, includes the Chief Executives of all the main high-tech networks in the Oxford to Cambridge Arc comprising:

1. Cambridge Cleantech

2. Cambridge Network

3. Cambridge Wireless

4. Colworth Park


6. One Nucleus

7. Oxford Innovation

8. Oxfordshire GreenTech

9. Silverstone Technology Cluster

Tony Jones, CEO, One Nucleus commented, ‘As we see the increasing importance of the convergence and collaboration across the high tech disciplines in delivering improved patient outcomes, sustainability and global resilience to healthcare challenges, I am delighted to be working with this excellent group to harness the potential the Oxford to Cambridge Arc offers all our respective stakeholders.’

Roz Bird explained: “I have worked with many of the high-tech cluster Chief Executives, in the Oxford to Cambridge Arc, over many years. They inspired me to set up Silverstone Technology Cluster and to establish the business community at Silverstone Park.

“We now have a golden opportunity to work together, as a ‘cluster of clusters’ – a ‘Super Cluster’ – to explore ways to help the high-tech businesses that we represent to collaborate, trade with each other, and improve supply chain resilience.

“I am very much looking forward to working with this fantastic group of people, who represent the thousands of high-tech businesses in the Oxford to Cambridge Arc, with the aim of creating new business opportunities for the region.”

The other organisations have also welcomed the formation of the ‘Super Cluster’.

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