One Nucleus as a Virtual Innovation Centre

As life science and technology clusters grow, they transition from being fully connected communities to business environments where it is impossible for everyone to be connected to all others. One Nucleus, as a Virtual Innovation Centre provides the connectivity, signposting and knowledge-sharing environment to enable the key discussions that once happened by default in a community, to still occur at this much larger scale. Our Innovation Seminars, Events and Conferences provide a comprehensive peer-to-peer knowledge-exchange and networking portfolio to complement the services around Savings, Learning & Development and Facilities Consultancy.

The main benefits of joining the One Nucleus ecosystem are:
  • Leverage the value of the One Nucleus ecosystem
  • Learn from those who have followed your journey previously
  • Gain insights to guide your development planning
  • Access savings on One Nucleus and third party goods and services
  • Be part of a leading life science membership group with global connections 

For further information please contact Tony Jones, One Nucleus at