Optimized Freezing Solutions for Clinical Application of Cell Therapy Products

AMSBIO announce new additions and certifications for their market-leading range of clinical grade, chemically defined cryopreservation excipient solutions - STEM-CELLBANKER® and HSC-BANKER®.

STEM-CELLBANKER® DMSO Free GMP grade is a new chemically defined freezing solution that does not contain DMSO as an anti-freezing agent. It was developed for customers who prefer not to use DMSO-containing cryopreservation solution due to the intended application of the samples. STEM-CELLBANKER® DMSO Free GMP grade is manufactured in compliance with JPN, EU, US, and PIC/S GMP guidelines.

STEM-CELLBANKER® is a chemically defined freezing media optimized for stem cells and iPS cells storage, as well as fragile primary cells. Published data supports its ability to cryopreserve organoids and tissues to allow the recovery of viable cells. STEM-CELLBANKER® GMP grade is manufactured in compliance with JPN, EU, US, and PIC/S GMP guidelines. Free from animal derived components this popular cryopreservation medium contains only chemically defined USP, EP and JP grade ingredients. Available in both DMSO containing and DMSO-Free formulations, STEM-CELLBANKER® is an optimal freezing solution for basic research and is finding widespread use in the clinical application of cell therapy products.

Manufactured to be completely free of serum and animal derived components, HSC-BANKER® contains only European or US Pharmacopoeia graded ingredients making it highly suitable for storage of hematopoietic stem cells developed for cell therapy applications.

Recently the master files of HSC-BANKER were accepted by the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) within the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Master files are submissions to the FDA used to provide confidential, detailed information about facilities, processes, or articles used in the manufacturing, processing, packaging, and storing of human drug products. Beneficially they allow researchers to reference material without disclosing Master file contents to those parties.

HSC-BANKER® is supplied ready-to-use and requires no special devices, such as a controlled rate freezer, in order to achieve consistently high viabilities following resuscitation from cryopreservation, even over extended long-term storage. HSC-BANKER® significantly increases cell viability while maintaining cell pluripotency, normal karyotype and proliferation ability after freeze-thaw. Evaluated for endotoxins, pH, osmolarity and mycoplasma contaminants to ensure GMP equivalent quality. HSC-BANKER® is part of the CELLBANKER® range of cryopreservation media for cells, organoids and tissues.

For further information and to watch an introductory video please visit https://www.amsbio.com/cellbanker-cell-freezing-media/ and https://www.amsbio.com/stem-cell-cryopreservation/ or contact AMSBIO on +44-1235-828200 / +1-617-945-5033 / info@amsbio.com.

Founded in 1987, AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) is recognized today as a leading transatlantic company contributing to the acceleration of discovery through the provision of cutting-edge life science technology, products and services for research and development in the medical, nutrition, cosmetics and energy industries. AMSBIO has in-depth expertise in extracellular matrices to provide elegant solutions for studying cell motility, migration, invasion and proliferation. This expertise in cell culture and the ECM allows AMSBIO to partner with clients in tailoring cell systems to enhance organoid and spheroid screening outcomes using a variety of 3D culture systems, including organ-on-a-chip microfluidics. For drug discovery research, AMSBIO offers assays, recombinant proteins and cell lines. Drawing upon a huge and comprehensive biorepository, AMSBIO is widely recognised as a leading provider of high-quality tissue specimens (including custom procurement) from both human and animal tissues. The company provides unique clinical grade products for stem cell and cell therapy applications these include high quality solutions for viral delivery (lentivirus, adenovirus and adeno-associated virus) in addition to GMP cryopreservation technology.

**  Evaluation study undertaken by the Huch Laboratory, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge, UK.

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