Pharmaron Celebrates Innovation in Chemistry at the 3rd Chemistry for Life Science Symposium

On Wednesday 15th May, Pharmaron hosted the 3rd Chemistry for Life Science Symposium. Academic and industry experts presented on the leading edge of drug discovery and process chemistry with speakers Professor Robert Phipps (University of Cambridge), Professor Ross Denton (University of Nottingham), Dr Sarah Skerratt (CHARM Therapeutics), Dr David Wilson (AstraZeneca), Dr Jeremy Parker (AstraZeneca) along with Dr Sébastien Campos (Pharmaron) and Dr Aaron Dumas (Pharmaron).

The industry topics varied from early-stage drug discovery and the impact of AI, together with synthetic medicinal chemistry applied to PKCθ Inhibitors – to photochemical decarboxylative fluorination on kilogram scale and process chemistry done simply. In addition to this, the two academic speakers presented their latest synthetic methodology: Prof. Ross Denton showed the use of phosphorus and silicon in synthesis, and Prof. Robert Phipps harnessed non-covalent interactions in transition-metal catalysis.

Alongside seven presentations, visitors were invited to view Pharmaron’s PRPL, drug discovery, process and analytical chemistry and material science facilities and equipment. The site tours, hosted by senior scientists, gave guests an opportunity to see behind the scenes at Pharmaron’s largest UK research facility. Learn more about the Hoddesdon site by watching our site video here.

Pharmaron’s 3rd Chemistry for Life Science Symposium concluded with a networking reception, where attendees had the opportunity to join Pharmaron employees to raise a glass in celebration of Pharmaron’s 20th anniversary, which has been commemorated company-wide this year.

For more information, please visit Pharmaron’s website here.

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