ProductLife Group Journey

ProductLife Group already has a fairly long success story: born in 1993, focusing on RA since 2006 and after becoming a Group, through acquisitions from 2012 onwards, PLG was reborn once again after LBO by 21Invest.
All along, it has kept the ProductLife vision of contributing to improve human health, with its main competences, regulatory affairs, safety & vigilances and quality compliance.
In 2020, ProductLife Group has reached a first step of notoriety as PLG, a European leading service provider for top pharmaceutical companies.
Those strengths, this recognition, should be kept for the future of PLG.
PLG has now a new ambition, double in size and become a world-class leader as tier-1 provider for Life Sciences, within the timeframe of its 30th birthday.
This leads to new initiatives, towards innovation, processes optimisation, end-to-end value added services and new commitments, to not only serve but also advise its customers and bring them new opportunities, as to reduce their cost through outsourcing solutions.
PLG is already changing and on its way to a major evolution not only in its scope but also in its own DNA.
Therefore, PLG’s brand identity also needed to evolve.

ProductLife Group new logo reflects both PLG roots and its future.
- The name itself remains the same, the increase of PLG’s visibility leads to rewards in the life sciences community, as well as our customers.
- The circles represent PLG’s cells, combined or split, they bring the life to our life science heritage.
- The 3 cells represent on the one hand our 3 main stakeholders (People, Clients, Shareholders) and on the other hand our 3 strategic goals and promise: Innovate, Advance, Deliver.
- The main colours, blue and turquoise, demonstrate the technological and pharmaceutical domains of PLG.
- The cells are merging, as the historical business units of PLG merge with the new branches and competences acquired
- The cells form a sphere, both unity of all PLG parts, and unity of PLG with its stakeholders and Partners as well
- The sphere represents the globe, PLG’s vision being to be present worldwide in the coming years
- The orange colour is the colour of innovation, ideas, boOST, all initiatives that gives depth and energy to PLG’s evolution

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