Services to Accelerate Genome Editing Research

AMSBIO has expanded its range of custom gene editing services to complement its extensive portfolio of off-the-shelf CRISPR/Cas9 products.

A powerful technology, widely used in genome science, Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) / Cas9 is a simple and efficient editing tool which allows for specific genome disruption and replacement facilitating the manipulation of specific genes with high specificity and low cell toxicity. CRISPR/Cas9 is a rapid technique that can be applied directly in embryo and is easily programmable by changing the guide sequence of the sgRNA to any sequence of interest. As a consequence – AMSBIO CRISPR/Cas9 products are widely used by research groups worldwide in applications including gene mutation studies, epigenetic editing, cell and embryo therapies, genomic-scale screening and many crop yield research.

AMSBIO’s range of custom services has been expanded to meet the exact requirements of your gene editing projects. The fast turnaround and affordability of these CRISPR/Cas9 services is designed to accelerate your genome editing research.

Specific and potent guide RNA (gRNA) is crucial for successful genome editing. The AMSBIO custom gRNA cloning service is a cost-effective and fast tool to accelerate your research. AMSBIO offer target sequence cloning into any of their wide range of CRISPR/Cas9 vectors with the options of customer designed or AMSBIO designed target sequences

These services also include the construction of custom donor vectors for genome editing applications including target sequence cloning into CRISPR/Cas9 vector, donor vector construction with a predesigned cassette or a donor vector of your own design.

In addition, AMSBIO offer a CRISPR editing service for cell lines and a service to design and produce custom knock-out, knock-in or point mutation CRISPR kits, which provides you with everything you need for your specific genome editing research in a single simple kit.

For further information on the custom genome editing services please visit  or contact AMSBIO on +44-1235-828200 / +1-617-945-5033 /

Founded in 1987, AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) is recognized today as a leading transatlantic company contributing to the acceleration of discovery through the provision of cutting-edge life science technology, products and services for research and development in the medical, nutrition, cosmetics and energy industries. AMSBIO has in-depth expertise in extracellular matrices to provide elegant solutions for studying cell motility, migration, invasion and proliferation. This expertise in cell culture and the ECM allows AMSBIO to partner with clients in tailoring cell systems to enhance organoid and spheroid screening outcomes using a variety of 3D culture systems, including organ-on-a-chip microfluidics. For drug discovery research, AMSBIO offers assays, recombinant proteins and cell lines. Drawing upon a huge and comprehensive biorepository, AMSBIO is widely recognised as a leading provider of high-quality tissue specimens (including custom procurement) from both human and animal tissues. The company provides unique clinical grade products for stem cell and cell therapy applications these include high quality solutions for viral delivery (lentivirus, adenovirus and adeno-associated virus) in addition to GMP cryopreservation technology.

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