Skeletal Muscle Differentiation kit now with control myoblasts

The Skeletal Muscle Differentiation kit from AMSBIO provides a unique protocol to differentiate human pluripotent stem cells to skeletal muscle with high yields and without cell sorting or genetic manipulation.

Now available with the option of simple to use control myoblasts, stem cell researchers looking to differentiate stem cells to skeletal muscle with multinucleated myotubes can produce consistent, high-quality results every time. Methods for studying muscular disease and potential therapies were, until recently, dependent on invasive muscle biopsies to produce limited batches of primary cells. Traditional use of primary cells presented challenges, not only in the collection process but also related to inconsistencies in cell growth, behavior and life span, making it difficult to generate dependable experimental models.

Using the innovative AMSBIO Skeletal Muscle Differentiation kit allows researchers to generate muscle from human pluripotent stem cells in three easy steps, via satellite-like or progenitor cells and myoblasts that then fuse to multinucleated myotubes in the third step.

Removing the need for time consuming cell sorting or transfection of myogenic transcription factors, the Skeletal Muscle Differentiation kit protocol generates a highly pure population of approximately 70 per cent skeletal muscle myotubes in a reproducible fashion. This kit has been proven on a wide range of embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell (ESC and iPSC) lines. 

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