Slide Scanning Services from NationWide Laboratories

We are excited to announce that as part of our investment programme we have introduced a high-end, ultra-fast and super-efficient slide digitalization system into our workflow. The PANNORAMIC® 1000 RX, is the flagship member of the 3DHISTECH PANNORAMIC® scanner family. It is known for its unprecedented capacity, superior image quality and flexibility. A range of scanning options are available, with brightfield scanning at resolutions of 20x, 40x, with Z stack and extended focus scanning options available too. Where extra detailed resolution is required, as of today, we are the only laboratory in the UK that can offer 82x water immersion scanning.

We are pleased to utilise this scanner for our high speed and low-cost slide scanning service to professionals and organizations. We can guarantee the best digital images in the veterinary market today. Our specialist service allows the highest quality images but without the large file sizes often associated with scanned images.
Simply send us your glass slides and you will receive them back along with the high-resolution digital images. Using our digital slide scanning service gives you all the advantages of digital pathology without the high equipment costs.

Alternatively submit your specimens or cytology preparations and let us process your samples. We offer the complete histopathology service, including an option of producing the high-resolution digital images and return these to you, alongside the glass slides as required.

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