Source Genomics Expands Rapid Sanger Sequencing Services to the North of the UK

Source Genomics Expands Rapid Sanger Sequencing Services to the North of the UK

Cambridge, UK, 19 June 2023: Source Genomics, a part of the Source BioScience Group, today announced their genomic laboratory expansion into the North of the UK for increased capacity of its Sanger sequencing services leading to faster turnaround times for data delivery.

As the evolution of genomic research is dominating the collective life science industry at speed, the implementation of optimised data delivery is critical. Source Genomics is an established laboratory service partner with a vast portfolio of genomic and multi-omic services, helping biopharmaceutical companies and academic organisations accelerate their research and development programmes. With the launch of its new facility in Runcorn, Source Genomics is better positioned to support customers across the UK and particularly in Northern England and Scotland, with even faster Sanger sequencing services at its renowned high quality.

Initially accelerating data delivery timelines for customers in Liverpool and Manchester, fully accelerated timelines for next day morning data delivery are on track to be achieved for the rest of the Northern regions in the coming months.

Richard Stevens, Director of Genomics, commented: “The expansion of our laboratory operations to the northern territories is a significant step forward in enabling equity of access for genomic services for research organisations across the country. This geographical expansion will enable customers everywhere to utilise the highest-quality Sanger sequencing service with faster turnaround times.”

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