Start Codon partners with Clustermarket and Science Entrepreneur Club to support life science and healthcare start-ups

CAMBRIDGE, UK, 09 August 2019 – Start Codon, a new model of life science and healthcare business accelerator, today announced it has partnered with Clustermarket, a leading online equipment sharing and booking platform and Science Entrepreneur Club, a life sciences network, to help drive the translation of world-class life science and healthcare research into commercially successful companies. As part of the agreement, Start Codon will be co-sponsoring the Connect2Innovate Meetup on Tuesday 13th August 2019, 18:00-21:00 at The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge.

Founded in April 2019, Start Codon aims to identify and recruit high potential life science and healthcare companies from across the UK and beyond, provide seed-funding, and leverage the world-class resources of the Cambridge Cluster to reduce risk and prepare them for a successful Series A fundraise. Under the terms of the partnership agreements, Clustermarket will provide Start Codon’s companies with guided access to their leading online equipment sharing platform and a dedicated field application specialist, and Science Entrepreneur Club will help to identify and connect Start Codon with the highest potential life science and healthcare companies across the UK.

The Connect2Innovate Meetup will showcase innovative start-ups working on novel technologies related specifically to clean meat, bio-sensing and interfaces, and liquid biopsy and offer attendees the opportunity to speak with local entrepreneurs and academics working in these fields.

Dr Jason Mellad, CEO at Start Codon, said: “The partnership with Clustermarket and Science Entrepreneur Club reflects our collaborative approach to working with leading platform providers to help ensure our portfolio companies receive a full suite of support, which includes having easy, affordable access to pioneering research equipment and services. We look forward to working with both companies to identify and support the highest potential life science companies from across the UK.”

Tobias Wingbermuehle, Co-Founder at Clustermarket, said: “SMEs are the future growth engine of the economy and have a major impact on the society as a whole. Therefore, we are excited to partner with Start Codon to lower the market entry barriers for SciTech companies.”

Fane Mensah, Community Expert at Science Entrepreneur Club, commented: “It's an exciting time for emerging healthcare companies in the UK and it is important to give these companies the best support and environment possible. By partnering up with Start Codon, the Science Entrepreneur Club is there to provide these companies with a network and a platform to showcase their innovative technologies, meet likeminded people and accelerate their company.”

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