Survey gathering relevant feedback from the SMEs within the health sector’s internationalization

We are excited to reach out to you, CEBR (Council of European BioRegion), network of health clusters from which your cluster is an active member, invites you to participate in a pivotal survey aimed at advancing the interests and growth of European health sector SMEs through internationalization.  

About the Survey:  

CEBR is at the forefront of an alliance of bio clusters dedicated to strengthening the health sector's internationalization. This survey is a cornerstone in our collective efforts to understand the unique challenges and requirements of SMEs in this dynamic industry. 

Survey Link: link here 

Why Your Participation is vital: 

  • Define Tailored Support: Your insights will directly inform strategies to provide tailored support to SMEs, ensuring that the assistance is relevant and effective for your specific needs. 
  • Propose Impactful Activities: By sharing your experiences, you will contribute to the design of activities that can make a significant difference in your business growth and development. 
  • Prioritize Markets: Your input will guide the prioritization of international markets, enabling a more strategic approach to expansion. 
  • Influence Policy Makers: Collectively, we can advocate for SME interests in the European policy landscape. 


Your Input Matters: We understand that your time is precious, and your contributions are highly valued. This survey will help pave the way for a more supportive and growth-focused environment for European health sector SMEs, including yours. 

Next Steps: Kindly access the survey using the provided link. Your input will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the health sector's internationalization strategy in Europe. 

Closing Thoughts: We deeply appreciate your commitment to the advancement of the health sector in Europe. Your insights and experiences are the driving force behind the success and growth of SMEs in this sector. 

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