Trio of Events to Tackle Ongoing Recruitment Challenge in Cambridge


The Cambridge & South Cambs Committee of the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce is running a series of events to tackle the ongoing challenges around recruitment for our Cambridge-based and regional firms.

Starting this week, Thursday 20th October, the first event is being fronted by Nikki Scarr and Danielle Grant from Cambridge-based global life science company, Abcam.

This in-person event, which is being held at the iconic Council Chamber in The Guildhall, Market Square, will focus on the need for companies to adapt to a new working environment and next-generation of employees, who are redefining what they want and expect from their employers.

Nikki and Danielle will be taking an in depth look at the reasons behind the skills shortage, detailing the opportunities for retraining and retirement, and showing how an employer can best overcome the challenges of recruiting today. They will also be sharing invaluable tips and best practices for recruiting, and the imaginative ways they go about recruiting and retaining their own staff. Anyone interested in attending this event can register directly via this link.

The second event in the series, which is being held online on Thursday 3rd November, will focus on the workforce of the future.  Mo Horan (Cambridge Regional College), David Brockway (Form the Future) and Jo Smith (Anglia Ruskin University) will be joining forces to talk about engaging with schools, apprenticeships, and internships/ placements. They will also be explaining what’s currently on offer, and how employers can best engage with the next generation of talent. Anyone interested in attending this even can register directly via this link.

The final event of the series – which is being held on Thursday 17th November at Madingley Hall  - will be looking at the challenges of hiring and retaining the most impactful top talent to lead your business and sit on your boards.  Toby Young and Andrew Moore, co-owners and managing partners of international executive search and recruitment firm, Bailey Fisher will lead a discussion on the value that diverse leadership plays in driving innovation and business results. Anyone interested in attending this even can register directly via this link.

Chair of the Committee, Faye Holland said: “We have put together these very specific and targeted sessions to help address one of the most important issues for our businesses. Whether science, technology, retail or leisure, recruiting and retaining the right staff is an ongoing challenge. We are delighted to have such high-calibre experts providing crucial advice for our business community.”

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