ValiRx signs IP license agreement with Kings College London to progress triple negative breast cancer treatment

ValiRx PLC, a life science company focused on early-stage cancer therapeutics and women's health, has announced the formation of a new subsidiary company, Cytolytix Limited, which has signed an IP license agreement with Kings College London to progress the preclinical development of its triple negative breast cancer treatment, CLX001.

Triple negative breast cancer accounts for around 15% of breast cancers. It is usually more aggressive, harder to treat, and more likely to recur than many other cancers.

CLX001 is a peptide in a nanoparticle formulation, developed for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer, with potential for expansion into ovarian cancer and other solid tumour cancers. It is designed for precision destruction of cancer cells using a novel mechanism of action which targets the tumour environment without requiring specific cell markers or gene mutations for activity.

Speaking about the project, ValiRx CEO, Dr Suzy Dilly, says: "I am delighted to announce the launch of Cytolytix to progress the development of CLX001 as we reach the preclinical development stage, following rigorous scientific assessment to move into full in-licensing. We are also pleased to be looking at expanding the use of the treatment, for not only triple negative breast cancer, but also ovarian cancer treatment.”

As the major shareholder in Cytolytix, ValiRx will lead the development of CLX001 with oversight provided by the Cytolytix board, which comprises representatives from ValiRx, Kings College London, and Martin Ulmschneider, an academic inventor of CLX001. Under the IP license agreement, ValiRx will provide the necessary funding to Cytolytix for further preclinical development of the technology.

“This project is the first output of the strategy we launched in 2020 to bring new academic, early-stage projects into our pipeline and is an excellent example of the innovative science being carried out at UK universities.” Suzy adds. “Expanding our portfolio with CLX001 is an important step towards diversifying our pipeline and ensuring innovative research and development remains the foundation of our company.”

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