June 2021

In the lead up to the annual One Nucleus ON Helix conference, which aims to bring together the network to discuss the main innovation and technology trends in healthcare research and development, we dedicated this ‘My Question Is…’ to addressing questions along the theme of Medicines Discovery in a Brave New World.

What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual Events are operated and produced completely remotely, allowing all participants to contribute from their own location.

Who is your audience?

One of the first things you need to consider when planning a Virtual Event is ‘who is your audience’. This will influence most decisions you make leading up to, and after, your Virtual Event. Think about who normally attends your events, or who you currently sell your products or services to. You want your audience to be specific and targeted for all involved to be engaged.


Creating Space for Everyone - Diversity and Inclusion

With the UK government recently announcing their proposed roadmap for the easing of lockdown, companies are expected to rush to organise Hybrid Events. With Hybrid Events in 2021, businesses can aim to combine the benefits of having a virtual audience alongside a much smaller live audience.

Following on from a successful collaborative event between One Nucleus and Medilink Midlands on Collaborating to Support Biotech and Med Tech Businesses Across Our Neighbouring Regions, One Nucleus dedicated our monthly online networking meeting to understanding the challenges that med tech companies faced, as well as the areas of support which could help them to thrive.  Some interesting and engaging conversations ensued, and new connections made.  I am pleased to share with you the highlights from our conversations here…