Cells, Genes and Vaccines: Developing the Treatments of Tomorrow

On Tuesday 15 November we had a great evening debating the opportunities and challenges creating Cell and Gene Therapies of tomorrow moderated by Tony Jones, CEO, One Nucleus.  Tony was joined on the panel by William Raimes, Head of Process Development, Ori Biotech; Michael Kyriakides, Life Sciences Investor, Synconca; Dirk Werling, Director, Centre for Vaccinology and Regenerative Medicine, Royal Veterinary College and Bams Abila, Visiting Professor (Clinical Pharmacology; Biologics & ATMPs), Kings College London. 

The panel discussed addressing translational research, regulatory, funding and manufacturing challenges for these breakthrough therapies, including:

  1. The under-use of large animal models in proof-of-concept studies
  2. The evolving approaches being taken by regulators to support innovation
  3. The investment decision-making process and its need to align with regulator acceptance of the approach
  4. The potential and need for decentralised biomanufacturing
  5. The vital role of an all-stakeholder engaged and collaborative ecosystem, such as the UK, to drive regulator innovation
  6. The potential to see small versions of the traditional FIPCO’s created in future, enabled by decentralised biomanufacturing, patient stratification, regulatory innovation and clinical/payer adoption 

The pitch decks from the session can be accessed here.

Thank you to the London BioScience Innovation Centre (LBIC) for pulling together the discussion and hosting!

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