Once again, One Nucleus held a really useful and informative session whereby an intimate group of attendees gathered to discuss thought-provoking questions posed by the One Nucleus community.  Discussions each take place in individual breakout groups, but so the key take-aways can be disseminated more widely, this wrap-up serves to provide an overview of all discussions.  Therefore, regardless of the breakout group individuals were in, the insights are shared amongst all.

Our My Question is….Networking Lunches are gaining momentum now and one might say an adept way of keeping in touch as we come to the end of a cold, locked down January.  Once again, our network was primed with a variety of questions across different topics that they were keen to debate.  Over 30 delegates joined our virtual networking session looking to meet and catch up with others informally and for perhaps a learning experience too.  Five breakout rooms and five questions later, here is what came out of the discussions:

How will the loss of in-person laboratory teaching impact job prospects?

As a follow up to our recent poll asking if the current undergraduates who are losing in-person laboratory teaching will be disadvantaged in securing future jobs.

The results can be summarised as:

Our second ‘My Question is…Networking Lunch’ saw another round of enticing questions submitted by the One Nucleus community.  Six questions were chosen from those submitted and then the individuals who submitted the questions hosted a small breakout group to discuss that question.  40 delegates joined the virtual networking meeting on Monday 30 November 2020. 

The discussions were an opportunity for attendees to engage with others in their group, whilst sharing their expertise or perhaps using it to learn more about the topic being debated.

The JP Morgan (JPM) Conference, a staple of the life science sector and one of biotech’s biggest conferences, will be going virtual in January 2021 which has become something of a norm for events under Covid-19.  One Nucleus has also been running its own BioWednesdays virtually and our first session of 2021 drew together a panel of experienced JPM Conference attendees to look at what to expect from a virtual JPM Week and what they would like to see for the future.

The lunchtime panel discussion at Genesis Digital 2020 will discuss the question ‘Has Covid-19 make it easier or harder to create a biotech company?' In advance of this, science writer Dr Clare Sansom caught up with one of the panellists, Dr Anne Lane. Dr Lane is CEO of UCL’s commercialisation company, UCLB.

Q. How has COVID-19 changed the way that UCLB operates? What has been hardest, and has anything been easier?

The Marketing Science Podcast is a series of podcasts for sales and marketing professionals working in Science, Engineering and Healthcare. On this episode, Tony Jones, joined AZoNetwork to share insights and experience from his time as CEO of One Nucleus.

Online gatherings are a bit like marmite, and it is fair to say they have the life science community divided.  However, during uncertain times when face-to-face networking is not possible, there is the option to move online or cancel altogether. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown everything into flux. Communications and marketing have been no exception. With both staff and customers being largely remote, conferences and events disrupted, and a growing sense of product apathy among the public, companies have a serious communications hurdle to overcome. Many companies have seen this as an opportunity to update their websites and refocus their communications, both internal and external.