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Service company which specialises in early drug develpoment delivery across Europe

AMSBIO supplies research products and custom services to the biological and pharmaceutical industries. We sell products for routine laboratory procedures as well as more specific, cutting-edge technology. Areas of specific expertise include physiologically realistic cell culture (including 3D culture), tissues and biorepositories, Zymolyase, glycobiology, lentivirus, ELISA kits and stem cell technology. We also offer custom services in protein expression, histochemistry, peptide/antibody design and 3D culture. With offices in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, AMSBIO offers fast delivery of material. For more information, please visit or contact AMSBIO’s multilingual help team.
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Photobiotics is developing an antibody-drug conjugation platform called OptiLink which enhances an antibody fragment's ability to be chemically loaded with therapeutic drugs or imaging agents. This results in high drug loading, more favourable drug-like properties and appropriate pharmacokinetics. Our lead product is an antibody-directed phototherapy (ADP) drug, which targets tumours and is activated by a laser. Our skills lie in antibody engineering and novel drug design/synthesis. We are working with academic groups, biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies to add value to their technologies and looking for further opportunities.

Longer form - Apollo Therapeutics is a collaborative venture between three world-leading UK universities (Imperial College London, UCL and the University of Cambridge) and three global pharmaceutical companies (AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson Innovation). Apollo provides committed translational funding and drug discovery expertise for novel therapeutics, sourced from the best of British academic research, accelerating them towards the clinic.. . Apollo’s unique model provides quick, independent access to the resources to grow innovations and to champion the best of British academic research to industry. Apollo’s experienced team of industry scientists have a proven track record of therapeutic delivery and work in partnership with academics and industry partners, crafting each bespoke project to optimise the chances of long-term success. Apollo Therapeutics aims to create the therapies of the future by partnering with the UK’s globally leading academic science base and UK based Pharma industry to have a real impact on patient treatments and outcomes.

Apple Tree Partners is a life sciences venture capital firm that is developing the next generation of transformative biotechnology companies in partnership with leading scientists. ATP invests in its portfolio companies from seed stage through IPO and beyond and provides flexible capital, strategic insight, and operational resources to build sustainable, research-driven enterprises and drive long-term value. For more information, visit

Appleyard Lees is a leading intellectual property law firm with over 40 patent and trade mark attorneys and specialist solicitors, providing clients worldwide with a full spectrum of advice and a fully integrated approach to all aspects of IP. With a global reach and local knowledge, we are experts in patents, trade marks, IP strategy, designs, copyright, contentious proceedings and disputes. From offices in Manchester, Leeds, Halifax, Cambridge and Alderley BioHub, we support some of the world's most innovative businesses and leading academic institutions, helping them to maximise the value of their intellectual property throughout its entire life cycle.

Aptamer Group develops custom affinity binders for use across the life sciences, using its proprietary Optimer® platform.
Optimer binders can be used as antibody alternatives to offer novel or improved solutions for therapeutics, diagnostics, bioprocessing and analytical applications. Offering full platform compatibility, tuneable binding kinetics and high stability, Optimer binders are removing the barriers to innovation in the life sciences.

Aqdot is a specialist chemical company with a focus and expertise in intelligent encapsulation technology. . . Aqdot’s proprietary technology and know-how enables valuable active products to be protected, delivered and programmed to release where and when required. This unique and disruptive platform technology has the potential to be game-changing in a wide range of industries, including household products, fragrances, personal care, agrochemicals, composites / resin curing and pharmaceuticals. . . Identifying unmet needs in these sectors, we develop products that enable our customers to introduce novel and differentiated products, reduce manufacturing costs, and make a truly positive impact on the environment.

Arecor is the world leader at improving the durability of biologic medicines. Using a rational approach to formulation design, Arecor has generated proprietary technology for stabilising therapeutic proteins, antibodies and vaccines. Arecor has partnered with the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to enable previously impossible delivery and use options for biologics. As an example of how effective these technologies are – in over 90 per cent of the cases – Arecor’s technology can enable: solid-to-liquid re-formulations; removal of cold-chain; high-concentration delivery, e.g. 200+ mg/ml; and co-formulation of incompatible components.

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