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Eagle Genomics innovates at the intersection of biology, data sciences and bioinformatics to develop technical solutions and enterprise information architecture for the microbiomics and genomics era. . . Eagle’s knowledge discovery platform, the e[automateddatascientist], uses machine learning to transform raw data into actionable insights that drive scientific decision making, enabling companies to make more credible scientific claims, enhancing R&D processes and brand perception. . . Eagle’s smart data management solutions and unique expertise gives access to insight that enables quick assessment of product potential, mitigates risks and reduces time to market at many sciences companies across industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, crop science, personal hygiene and animal health.

The Earlham Institute (EI) is a research institute applying advanced genomics and computational approaches to aid our understanding of complex biological systems and their interaction with the environment.
Established in 2009 and located on the Norwich Research Park, EI is strategically funded by the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

The Earlham Institute (EI) uses expertise in genomics, bioinformatics and molecular biology to answer complex biological questions and improve plant and animal health, and tackle global issues of food security, climate change, conservation and human wellbeing.

EI is home to state-of-the-art laboratories, specialist equipment and facilities enabling genomics and bioinformatics research, including one of the largest supercomputing facilities for life science research in Europe.

Our technology platforms include:
• Genomics and Single-Cell Analysis facility that provides scalable infrastructure for high-throughput DNA/RNA analysis of biological systems.
• BIO Foundry facility that provides services for high-throughput, nanoscale DNA-assembly, low-cost sequence validation of synthetic constructs and microfermentation.
• High-Performance Computing platform that provides access to high-throughput computing clusters and data management support.
• State-of-the-art training facility for bioinformatics and genomics with expert-led courses.

EI has established collaborative projects worldwide. We are involved in collaborative R&D projects with industry through consultancy, contract research, and grant funding.

eLabNext is your partner in lab digitization. Their centralized Digital Lab Platform enables scientists to optimize laboratory processes and accelerate research discoveries. Maximize capabilities by integrating free add-ons from Marketplace or develop your own with eLab APIs & SDKs. Their team of friendly experts are always ready to assist you and your team. eLabNext is a brand of Bio-ITech BV, part of Eppendorf Group.

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Switzerland is one of the strongest biotech / pharma countries in Europe with global pharma, mature biotech and innovative start-ups, supported by world class research. The Embassy of Switzerland facilitates contacts to Swiss clusters for anyone interested in business or research partnerships.

Emberion develops and produces graphene photonics and electronics that will revolutionise infrared photodetectors and thermal sensors in applications ranging from hyperspectral and thermal imaging to night vision and X-ray detection.

The mission of EMBL-EBI is to: provide freely available data and bioinformatics services to all facets of the scientific community in ways that promote scientific progress; contribute to the advancement of biology through basic investigator-driven research in bioinformatics; provide advanced bioinformatics training to scientists at all levels; and help disseminate cutting-edge technologies to industry. . The research and service activities of EMBL-EBI span the entire spectrum of life science and remain at the cutting edge of the computational sciences. All our major data resources are the products of international collaborations. We work with other data providers to ensure that our data repositories, and those of our collaborators, are comprehensive and up to date. We also actively participate in international efforts to develop data standards.. . The EMBL-EBI Industry Programme engages our industrial users with the latest bioinformatics research, service development, standards activities, pre-competitive opportunities and training (

Empyrean Therapeutics is focused on developing next generation off-the-shelf cell therapies to enable global and affordable cures for cancer and rare disease. We are building unique technologies, cellular assets and engineering processes which combine to deliver a powerful platform for rapidly manufacturing cellular drugs with novel disease fighting properties. . . Headquartered at the Babraham Research Campus, south of Cambridge, and working with leading clinical partners and academic experts, we are combining world class skills in gene editing with expertise in stem cell programming and precise genetic control to unlock the true potential of designer cellular medicines.

Immunotherapeutics company targeting a new class of tumour specific antigens