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Industrial Biotechnology Company using its proprietary technology to make chemicals from sustainable sources.

NanoSyrinx is a discovery stage biotechnology company based at the University of Warwick Science Park. We are using synthetic biology approaches to develop a completely novel modality for the targeted, intracellular delivery of therapeutic proteins and peptides.

Genetically engineering bacteria to enable immunotherapies in non responders.

NEB UK supplies a broad range of reagents and kits for basic and applied research at the DNA, RNA and protein levels. These products are also for use in drug development and screening, as well as for use in platform technologies and as raw materials in kit manufacture. We supply standard catalogue products as well as custom and bulk formulations. We would like to partner with you from R&D downstream to market. Call us to discuss your ‘biological component’ needs.

New Path Molecular specialises in the chemical synthesis of complex functional molecules using the cutting edge techniques, methods and instrumentation developed in the laboratories of Prof Steve Ley at the University of Cambridge. Our processes and molecules are being used to validate biological processes and produce products globally.

In order to develop drugs to treat or prevent human disease a significant amount of complex scientific research needs to be done. Nexus BioQuest is a pre-clinical contract research organisation that collaborates with Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies in order to help accelerate their pre-clinical immunology research programmes. At our core we have: • Expertise- Deep immunology experience and knowledge in order to solve complex research problems. • Tempo- Agile and quickly expandable capability focused on reducing bureaucracy and burden so that collaborative science can thrive. • Collaboration- Be open and mutually trusting to maximise the impact of research and step away from a transactional approach. Our science will provide a comprehensive suite of solutions which will model the immune response depending on the research question being asked. These will form a pre-clinical package of assays including: • Relevant target expression. • Mode of action. • Efficacy. • Biomarkers. • Predictive immuno-toxicity. This will allow us to support our partners at multiple steps within the preclinical drug development process. All of our work is built on our deep understanding of the immune response, allowing us to provide relevant, customisable, cutting-edge assays, to advance our partners' drug development programs.

The North East Innovation Lab was set up by Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with this specific aim to help speed up the process for diagnostic developers to get their product to market by providing access to samples and independent performance evaluations. We have an HTA-registered biobank containing over 20,000 SAR-Cov-2 samples and the ability to collect bespoke samples for this and other diseases on request. We can support with diagnostic test evaluations, including analytical performance and clinical performance evaluations, and can also help develop test protocols and provide control materials. For more information, please visit out our website: or email us:

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