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NanoSyrinx is a discovery stage biotechnology company based at the University of Warwick Science Park. We are using synthetic biology approaches to develop a completely novel modality for the targeted, intracellular delivery of therapeutic proteins and peptides.

NEB UK supplies a broad range of reagents and kits for basic and applied research at the DNA, RNA and protein levels. These products are also for use in drug development and screening, as well as for use in platform technologies and as raw materials in kit manufacture. We supply standard catalogue products as well as custom and bulk formulations. We would like to partner with you from R&D downstream to market. Call us to discuss your ‘biological component’ needs.

New Path Molecular specialises in the chemical synthesis of complex functional molecules using the cutting edge techniques, methods and instrumentation developed in the laboratories of Prof Steve Ley at the University of Cambridge. Our processes and molecules are being used to validate biological processes and produce products globally.

Newgrange Consultants work with their clients to assess current leadership capabilities and to objectively evaluate development potential. We work with our clients to configure assessment processes appropriate to business circumstances and leadership selection and development scenarios including

- With investors, for pre-investment selection decisions and post-investment leadership development
- CEO, C-suite member, and senior executive effectiveness in current role
- Assessments for first time CEO appointments, including alignment to the chair, the board and the leadership team
- Assessment processes to support assessments across leadership teams
- Assessment of high potential emerging talent and future leaders for growth roles and development projects

North Highland is the leading change and transformation consultancy providing management consulting services to the Fortune 1000 for over 30 years. Our industry practice teams work with the top global Life sciences companies in achieving their goals, from early-stage development, to manufacturing, supply chain, and commercialization. We provide consulting solutions across an array of industry challenges including enterprise transformation, digital & data science, workforce strategies, and omnichannel effectiveness. We bring a strong, collaborative team of experts to drive rapid value realization focused on rising above disruption and delivering business transformation.

Norwich Research Park is one of five BBSRC funded UK Research and Innovation Campuses. It is the only site with three BBSRC funded research Institutes in the UK. The site also has a fourth research institute, a University, a University Hospital and a community of over 30 businesses.

Norwich Research Park offers businesses access to a specialist skills pool, and opportunities to collaborate and win global business at a unique research campus environment, with a community that is working together, as a powerful cluster of activity, specializing in food biotech, agricultural biotech and industrial biotech, applied to the effects of climate change and improvements to human health, using nature to solve the world’s problems.



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