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BlueGnome was founded in in 2002 by a team of scientists who developed a novel mathematical technology for the analysis of genetic data following the sequencing of the human genome in 2000. Over the following 10 years BlueGnome has seen rapid growth and adoption of its technology and has become a leading provider of genetic solutions for the screening of chromosomal abnormalities in cytogenetics and IVF. This year BlueGnome was acquired by Illumina and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Illumina - enhancing the company’s ability to establish integrated solutions in reproductive health and cancer.

Independent Consultant specialising in business start-up in Life Sciences, from Idea to commercialisation and/or investment. Incubation specialist, coaching, mentoring and organisational advisory service

Miranda Weston-Smith advises entrepreneurs, companies and universities on business development in healthcare and biotech. She is experienced in intellectual property negotiations, business planning and fund-raising. Starting a technology company, the book Miranda wrote while at Cambridge Enterprise, University of Cambridge is available at Miranda is a graduate in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge, holds the AAT Diploma in Accounting, and is a Fellow of the Linnaean Society.

Established in May 2016, The AMR Centre is a key part of the UK’s response to the global threat from Antimicrobial Resistance. Based at Alderley Park, The AMR Centre is a joint private-public initiative to support/accelerate the development of new antibiotics and diagnostics through a fully integrated development capability, offering translational R&D from pre-clinical hits through to clinical proof of concept.

Inivata is a clinical cancer genomics company harnessing the potential of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) analysis to improve cancer testing and treatment.. . Inivata works with leaders in industry and academic research to develop new clinical applications for ctDNA analysis which will bring real benefits to physicians, patients, pharmaceutical companies and payers. Inivata’s goal is to provide physicians with the information they need, to provide the best outcomes for patients and effective design for clinical trials.. . Inivata is based in Cambridge, UK and its scientific founders are leading figures in the ctDNA field: Nitzan Rosenfeld (Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge), Tim Forshew (UCL Cancer Institute, University College London), James Brenton (Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge) and Davina Gale (Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge).. . The Company has a comprehensive understanding of cancer genomics and circulating DNA. It is applying its enhanced TAm-Seq approach and cutting-edge technologies to address critical clinical decision points in cancer care and cancer drug development, alongside pharmaceutical partners, leading clinicians and academic groups.

GB Innomech excels at developing and producing innovative electro-mechanical prototypes, batch production and flexible automated manufacturing systems.. With over 20 years' experience producing equipment for customers from many industrial sectors, our committed team has skills in production, engineering and design with air-conditioned workshop, machining and fabrication facilities. In addition to our bespoke systems, we provide a repeat build service for small volume, high value products which we can install, train and service throughout the world. Our risk-based approach, where we undertake risk assessments throughout the project, has led to a strong reputation for providing innovative solutions within regulated environments.