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PharmaVentures is a specialist healthcare consultancy which delivers practical and cost-effective solutions to clients world-wide in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, finance & related service sectors.. . . . Strategy, Analysis, Evaluation. Expert Reports, Due Diligence, Deal Benchmarking, Structuring & Negotiation, Product Partner Identification

Founded in the UK in 2002, Pharmidex provides high quality experimental preclinical ADMET/PK data, critical to the progression of drug discovery programmes. We have comprehensive in-house laboratory facilities as well as extensive in-vitro and in-vivo assay options. This enables us to provide tailored studies designed to meet individual project needs. Through extensive knowledge of drug discovery and development, Pharmidex has been able to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction and forge several strategic international alliances, focusing on operations in the following areas: in vitro ADMET, in-vivo Pharmacology, CNS Drug Discovery, Bioanalysis, Metabolite Identification, Bioimaging, and Zebrafish.

Phico is a small biotechnology company developing a groundbreaking antibiotic platform technology known as SASPject. The technology is designed to target any harmful type of bacteria, including ‘superbugs’ such as MRSA and C. difficile. The technology utilises programmable delivery vectors to deliver genes encoding unique antibacterial proteins, SASP, to target bacteria. Phico’s first product, SASPject PT1.2 aimed at S. aureus, including MRSA, has completed a Phase I clinical trial. This product has shown rapid activity in culture against >200 clinical strains of S. aureus killing up to 99.9 % of MRSA bugs within two minutes.
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PhoreMost™ is focused on bringing more effective and affordable targeted medicines to patients. To achieve this aim, PhoreMost is developing a next-generation phenotypic screening technology that can discern the best new targets for future therapy and crucially, how to drug them. This has the potential to significantly increase the diversity of novel therapeutics for cancer and other unmet diseases. Based on the company's proprietary Protein Interference (PROTEINi®) technology, PhoreMost has developed SITESEEKER®; a platform that can systematically unmask cryptic druggable sites in the human genome and then link them to useful therapeutic functions in a live-cell context.

PiR provides innovative senior level recruitment solutions to small and multinational life science organisations. . . They are recruitment specialists who understand the vision, commercial. imperatives and research needs of the world’s leading life science organisations.. Based near Cambridge, UK, PiR serves clients across the international life science sector, spanning pharma, biotech, diagnostic and medical device companies.. . Using 40 years of combined experience and a powerful industry network,. they find the right senior talent to drive organisations forward. PiR specialise in C-suite and senior management roles, whether on a permanent or interim basis. They operate in the UK and internationally.. . PiR’s client list includes companies working on advanced and novel therapies, orphan drugs and innovative medical technology. With an exclusive focus on the life science sector, their solutions are always relevant and fully aligned to client needs.. . Core services: Executive Search, Interim Management and Talent Mapping.

We help pharma, biotech and pharma service companies to enhance collaboration and teamwork, by improving project management and relationship management in partnerships and alliances. We provide training, particularly for new project managers, consulting for small and medium-sized companies and coaching for project and outsourcing leaders. We deliver the One Nucleus Project Management training course and lead the One Nucleus Alliance and Project Management Special Interest Group. We are a small, agile operation, can work flexibly according to companies' exact needs, and can help with any relevant issue, large or small.
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